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Microbiology Water Lab

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    1100 Loveland Boulevard 

    Port Charlotte, FL 33980

Drinking water samples can be analyzed through this section. If your water supply is provided by private well, you should have your water tested for bacteria annually.

Water samples can be submitted for analysis in bottles provided by this department Monday through Thursday prior to 3:00pm. Sample results will be available the afternoon following submittal. .

Instructions for Collection of Water Samples

  1. Remove the faucet’s aerator or strainer if one is present.
  2. Allow the water from the faucet or well to run a minimum of five (5) minutes at full flow before sampling.
  3. Close faucet to a stream of water the width of a #2 pencil; let water flow for one (1) minute.
  4. Remove plastic seal from the container and dispose. Remove lid from the sample container. Do not allow the chlorine neutralizer (white dust) to fall out of the container or be rinsed out.
  5. Carefully fill sample container with water to the 100ml mark located on the side of the sample container. Do not touch the lip or inside of the sterile container with anything but the water sample.
  6. It is best if one sample is taken from outside the house, close to the well. The other sample should come from inside the home, either the bathroom or kitchen sink.
  7. After sampling, place lid on the sample container carefully and tighten.
  8. Mark sample container as to where the sample was taken, e.g. well, bathroom, kitchen.
  9. You must preserve the sample on wet ice or your sample WILL NOT be accepted.

Water Acceptance Policy

  • Samples must be submitted with the proper labeling that allows for traceability to the sample record. Improperly labeled samples will be rejected.
  • Samples must be in the container provided by the department, free of leaks. Containers that are broken or cracked will be rejected.
  • All samples received are checked for temperature and method of delivery at the time of drop off. Temperature measurements are completed by an electronic recording device. Samples exceeding 24 degrees C will be rejected and/or a sample exception record will be generated.
  • Chlorinated samples lacking chlorine concentration documentation will be rejected.
  • Samples received in excess of 100 ml. will be accepted if adequate air space exists to ensure proper mixing of the solution. If inadequate air space exists to complete mixing, the sample will be rejected and/or a sample exception record will be generated.
  • All samples with less than 100 ml. volume will be rejected.
  • Samples may be received with interferences (high turbidity, discoloration, and smell) due to high iron compounds, organic material and calcium carbonate precipitants. In such cases where analysis may be affected, a sample exception record will be generated. A sample resubmission may be requested.
  • Samples must be received within 24 hours of being drawn. A sample submitted after this deadline will be rejected.

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