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Sharps Disposal

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    1100 Loveland Boulevard 

    Port Charlotte, FL 33980

Used Sharps Collection Program  

Why is there a Used Sharps Collection Program?

Many community residents have medical conditions, particularly diabetes, that require self-injections at home. Because of issues regarding safety and disease transmission, the disposal of home-generated needles, syringes and lancets (or "sharps") has caused some concern on the part of families, refuse services, recycling staffs and landfills.

The Charlotte County Sharps Disposal Program was implemented to:
  • Help you properly dispose of your needles and lancets 
  • Provide an environmentally safe option for disposing of sharps 
  • Prevent injury to humans and animals 
  • Keep sharps out of household trash and recycling bins 
  • Provide the public with local collection sites for home generated needles and lancets 
  • Prevent the spread of infectious disease 
  • Remove used needles from circulation and prevent the sharing of needles
What Are Sharps?

“Sharps” are defined as medical wastes, which have the potential to puncture or lacerate. This includes hypodermic and intravenous needles and syringes, as well as disposable lancets. Once you use a syringe, needle, lancet or other “sharp”, it becomes a potentially hazardous medical waste product. That is why it’s important to dispose of “sharps” the right way.

Never place these items in your curbside carts

Syringes & Hypodermic Needles

How to use your sharps container:

  • Always keep sharps boxes out of the reach of children
  • Do not clip the needle.
  • Do not recap the needle.
  • Place hypodermic needle in the red sharps container.
  • When filled, secure the lid. Do not overfill.
  • Take the full sharps container to one of the facilities listed below and you will be given a free replacement container.
  • If you are physically unable to exchange your sharps container for medical reasons, call Charlotte County to request a pickup and exchange (941) 764-4360.

Protect our residents!

Never place used hypodermic needles or sharps containers in your waste or recycling cart!

There are three locations for Charlotte County residents to pick up and drop off sharps containers.


Mid County Transfer & Recycling Facility                

19675 Kenilworth Blvd

Port Charlotte, Fl.

Tuesday - Saturday 9am - 4pm


Punta Gorda Public Safety Building


1410 Tamiami Trl                                         

Punt Gorda, FL.                                                  

Monday - Friday 8am - 4:30pm         


West County Transfer & Recycling Facility

7070 Environmental Way

Englewood, Fl.

Tuesday - Saturday 9am - 4pm


The Punta Gorda Police and Fire Station on US 41 is a drop-off point for sharps containers.